Which Exercise Routines Are the Most Effective for Building Massive Muscles

musclesWhen trying to build massive muscles, there are a lot of exercise routines that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. Some exercise routines are more effective than others in helping you to finally reach your goal.

So naturally that begs the question, which exercise routines are the most effective for building massive muscles, and keeping them massive?

  1. When Working Complementary Muscles, Use Supersets.

You’ll have noticed that when building muscle, short and intense workouts actually tend to be more effective than long workouts. To get the most out of each and every workout session, remember to keep your workouts brief and intense. You need to challenge your muscles, and super-setting is the best and most effective way to challenge your muscles. Super-setting is simply pairing two exercises with no period of rest between them.

Supersetting usually involves working on two muscle groups, with very brief rest period between the sets. With super-setting you’ll be able to minimize your risk of injury due to the decreased strain on any given tendon and muscle, and you also get the added benefit of working more muscle in less time.

Apart from making your workout routines more safer, more efficient, and more effective, super-sets will allow you to see results far more quickly. Doing triceps kickbacks with bicep curls and no rest in between is an example of supersets.

  1. Use Compound Exercises to Raise The Level of Difficulty.

Building massive muscles fast requires very difficult and intense workouts. The good news is that the se workouts are shorter due to their difficulty and intensity.

An effective way of seeing quick results and increasing intensity at the same time is to use compound exercises, these are workouts in which two or more muscles are required to carry out the move. A couple of examples are:

# Complete a push up with side planks

#Do lunges with bicep curls

# Combine squats with overhead presses

With compound exercises, you improve your balance, functional fitness and coordination, and your workouts will be far more effective, which in turn means that you’ll begin to see impressive results much quicker.

  1. Your Muscles Need Rest in Order to Grow

While this might seem to go against common sense, the truth is that in order for your muscles to grow, they need to get enough rest, because muscle growth actually occurs in the resting periods in between workouts.

Constantly working out your muscles without giving it any rest, contrary to what you might think, actually impedes your muscle building progress.

Here is an tested-and trusted Workout Routine For Effective Muscle Growthbodybuilding testosterone

# Workout three or four times a week

# On each workout, work on a different muscle group

# Put in rest periods

# Start over

Following a schedule like the one above helps to build muscles more effectively with the added benefit of a low risk of injury.

So remember, Use super-sets, add compound moves, and incorporate rest periods into your workout routines. Do this and you’ll reap the results in increased muscle growth.