Pleasing Your Women with VigRX Delay Spray

delay sprayIt is rather interesting to note that the problem of men being able to perform in bed is neither new nor uncommon. It is completely natural to under perform at times but even if it is a constant problem with the advancements in technology such issues too can be quickly addressed and gotten rid off. The real question who to turn to for help with the immense competition in the market. VigRX delay spray is a great option that men can turn to and ensure that they never again under perform in bed and please their woman every time

What women want?

Great philosophers have tried to answer this and failed but when it comes to bed women have basic and simple wishes.

  • Foreplay

Women love foreplay and most guys try to avoid it because they cannot last that long and want to get to the fun stuff. But if you want to have a good time let her have the foreplay truly.

  • Last longer

Women do not get as easily turned on as men do and hence they wish the sex would last longer. With this delay spray now it actually can go on for a long time.

  • Control over ejaculation

It is a major turn on if you ejaculate when you want to instead of when you have to. Control over this process can be a major way to please your woman.

  • Multiple orgasms

This can seem like an uphill task but with the help of VigRX Spray it can now be a simple and easy task to perform.

Making it possible

Now that you know what women want it is time to make it happen? You already know about the delay spray but it is now time to understand the exact way it works. The points to remember as follows:

  • The dosage can depend from person to person and so does the reaction. So take your time to get the dosage right.
  • At the beginning start off with just three sprays or less because you do not know the impact it will have on you and at the core it is a numbing agent.
  • The total time it takes to start showing the magic is ten minutes so being patient.
  • After the time is over make sure you wipe off the residues from your penis. There are two reasons for this – during oral sex it prevents your partner from getting the bitter taste and it prevents chances of side effects on the partner’s genital area.

Will it work?

Now many men feel guilt or even shame in using such products but it nothing to be ashamed of. It is perfectly natural to want to give a better performance in bed and if VigRX Delay Spray is letting you do so then there is no wrong in providing equal pleasure to your sexual partner. In fact, some couples even try it out just to experience a different kind of sex. So, even if you do not have any issues lasting longer and enjoying for a few more minutes cannot hurt anyone.

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